Conditions Leading to Disability in Developing Countries

80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries — UNPD


Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is a congenital condition affecting the formation and development of the spinal cord. Instances of spina bifida found higher up the spine may cause paralysis to the lower limbs, affecting sensation and movement.

Darwin, a teenager in Guatemala who was born with spina bifida and just received a wheelchair.Darwin was born in a rustic farmhouse nestled in the hills of Guatemala, about an eight-hour drive from the capital city.

When his parents embraced their beloved newborn baby — the youngest of their five children — their elation turned to panic when they noticed a growth on Darwin’s spine.

They took little Darwin to a hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with spina bifida and told his heartbroken parents that their son would never walk.

But that's not the end of his story.

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