Free Wheelchair Mission is a humanitarian, faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides wheelchairs at no cost to people with disabilities living in developing nations.

In collaboration with a network of like-minded partners, Free Wheelchair Mission has provided more than one million wheelchairs to those in need in developing nations since 2001, providing dignity, independence, and hope through the gift of mobility.

Our mission

To provide the transforming gift of mobility to people with disabilities
living in developing nations as motivated by Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Free Wheelchair Mission believes in a world where everyone who needs a wheelchair has one. Our goal is to provide our next million wheelchairs by 2025.

With an estimated 70 million people around the world today in need of a wheelchair without the means to get one, Free Wheelchair Mission endeavors to distribute over 100,000 wheelchairs annually and continues to pursue our goal to distribute our second million wheelchairs by the end of 2025.

Free Wheelchair Mission continues its focus and commitment on becoming a leading provider of mobility in developing nations, but beyond placing recipients in a wheelchair, Free Wheelchair Mission is bringing transformation that opens doors to education, employment opportunities, and community that these individuals only dreamed of before receiving the gift of mobility.

Our Values

  • We honor God in all we do.
  • We pursue excellence in all our work.
  • We strive for efficiency to optimize resources.
  • We commit to transparency in our relationships, operations, and finances.
  • We encourage worldwide collaboration.
  • We innovate to provide transformative mobility solutions.