“When we provide a wheelchair, we want the individual to feel as if they are being cradled in God’s hands.” – Don Schoendorfer

Free Wheelchair Mission wouldn't be where it is today without the tremendous support and hard work of its board of directors, staff and dedicated volunteers.

Our office may be reached by calling 949.273.8470 or our toll-free number 800.733.0858. Learn more about career opportunities.


  • Don Schoendorfer, President and Founder
  • Nuka Solomon, Chief Executive Officer


  • Angela Gomez, National Director of Development
  • Georgia Kloos, Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives
  • Melate Bekele, Development Officer–Major Gifts
  • Nikki Tobia, Development Officer–Major Gifts
  • Kecia Jones, Development Officer–Church Relations
  • Sarah Bartlett, Foundations and Grants Manager
  • Dana Hindman, National Ambassador Manager


  • Brad Cooper, Director of Marketing
  • Ken Hammond, Senior Manager, Creative Services
  • Stephen Bay, Senior Content Manager
  • Lauren Schneider, Donor Platforms Manager
  • Kristin Hori, Marketing Associate


  • Debbie Le Fever, Senior Director of Finance
  • Emily Dunlop, Accountant


  • Mackenzie Cummins, Associate Director of Operations
  • Sheri Homann, Human Resources Manager
  • Olivia Alvarez, Receptionist & Office Administrator


  • Vanessa Mendoza, Director of Programs
  • Nicole VanderZouwen, Associate Director of Programs, Medical
  • Noelle Simpson, Medical Projects Manager
  • Tess Stansbury, Regional Program Manager
  • Jennifer Wong, Field Analysis Manager
  • Sofia Mbega, Programs – Administrative Assistant

Independent Contractors

    • Ilse Caballeros, Central America Regional Trainer
    • Thatiana Morataya, Central America Regional Facilitator

Manufacturing Team

  • Bonnie Gonzalez, Test Engineer
  • Lorena Hernandez, Operations Specialist

Independent Contractors

    • Eric Lai, Procurement Manager
    • Grégoire Leblanc, Project Leader
    • Pia Hindersson, Volunteer Product Manager

Board of Directors

  • Dan Hanson, Member
    Executive Director Distributed Retail, loanDepot
  • Debbie Hendry, Member
    Retired, Operations Executive
  • David Hummelberg, Member
    COO/CFO, North American Distribution, The Capital Group
  • Denny Kromer, Treasurer
    Retired President & COO, Dunn-Edwards
  • Dave Link, Member
    Retired CEO, Precision Pet Products
  • Stuart Rattray, Chair
    Retired SVP Area South East, Hapag-Lloyd
  • Connie Salios, Member
    Board Advisor & Organizational Consultant
  • Don Schoendorfer, PhD, Member
    Founder and President, Free Wheelchair Mission
  • Bob Shank, Member
    Founder and CEO, The Master’s Program
  • Susan Shore, PT, PhD, Member
    Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, Azusa Pacific University
  • Marjorie Terner, JD, Secretary
    Retired Senior Counsel, The Boeing Company

Southwest Region Advisory Council

  • Bob Holloway, Chair
    USI Southwest, Senior Vice President
  • Jay Harbison, Jr., Member
    4J Energy, LLC, President
  • Alison Shanklin, Member
    Second Baptist Church, Houston
  • Rachel Shaw, Member
    HashiCorp, Global Technical Recruiter, World Wide Customer Success
  • Tony Visage, Member
    Bracewell LLP, Partner

Orange County Women’s Council for Mobility

  • Leah Dodge, Member
  • Kathryn Flattum, Member
  • Susan Griffiths, Chair
  • Elizabeth Henry, Member
  • Heather Hosto, Member
  • Lisa Hummelberg, Member
  • Patty Knutson, Member
  • Lori Philp, Member
  • Kim Shipman, Member