Partnering Through Your Business

Be part of a growing movement and help transform lives.

Corporate social responsibility goes beyond sponsorship or general donations. Many of our partners choose to donate part of their sales to provide wheelchairs.

Here's a list, in alphabetical order:


B.Spoke Custom Clothing

A luxury custom-suit maker in Orange County, CA. A wheelchair is donated for every Free Wheelchair Mission-themed jacket ordered. For more information, watch this video.

Visit their website:

In Your Prime

Love camping or backpacking? This sleeping pad is the perfect bed to get a great night's sleep. Plus, 10% of all sales of the double sleeping pad from In Your Prime is donated to Free Wheelchair Mission.

Kristy Jones Homes

Kristy, a Grand Rapids area real estate agent, donates a wheelchair to someone in need in developing countries for every home sold.

Visit their website:

Little Do Gooders

A fun, educational, and unique gift box that takes children on a mission adventure to another part of the world to meet a new, real friend who has a challenge that your child will help solve through fun, hands-on STEAM activities. For each box sold, Little Do Gooders will donate $1 towards providing wheelchairs.

Visit their website:

mPower Chairs

mPower Chairs, a manufacturer of lightweight motorized wheelchairs, donates 10% of all purchases to Free Wheelchair Mission.

Visit their website:

Proforma Element 7

A one-stop shop for all of your marketing items, Proforma Element 7 donates one wheelchair per month to give mobility to individuals living with disabilities in developing countries.

Visit their Facebook page:

Team Boise Real Estate

For every home sold, this real estate team in the Boise area donates a wheelchair to someone in need in a developing country.

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Telecomprehensive Solutions

Telecomprehensive Solutions, a technology consulting and brokerage firm, helps companies through the layers of technology needed to be successful. For every new line of business opened, one wheelchair is donated to those in need in developing countries.

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Tuscan Imports/Fontana Forni USA

For every wood-fired pizza oven sold, Tuscan Imports/Fontana Forni USA donates a wheelchair to individuals living with disabilities in developing countries.

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