This August, consider ways to leave a legacy of philanthropy and support this mission for years to come.

Our Mission

Providing the transforming gift of mobility to
people with a disability living in developing nations,
as motivated by Jesus Christ.

Give hope, freedom, and renewed dignity through the gift of a wheelchair.

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A close up of feet in the footrests of new wheelchairs in Peru.

Donor Testimonials

“I saw how wheelchair recipients found light, freedom, and joy, to know that as human beings, they matter and are loved.”

~ Kathy from California

“To the able-bodied observer, my wheelchair may represent adversity, their eyes perceiving only loss. but my wheelchair does not imprison me; it empowers me. For this reason, I choose to support Free Wheelchair Mission and their work to give the gift of mobility to those in need. Everyone deserves to enjoy such freedom.”

~ Ashley from Indiana

Our Impact

An image of new wheelchairs being unloaded from a truck in Uganda.


Distributed Per Day

Rows and rows of new, blue wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission.


Distributed To Date

A hand tightening a bolt near the spokes of a wheelchair wheel.


Countries Distributed
Wheelchairs Worldwide


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"I’ve been supporting Free Wheelchair Mission for 20 years, ever since Don was starting out." Stuart Rattray (second from left) currently serves as our board chairman and has been a faithful supporter of our mission for years. "The other thing we’ve done is to include Free Wheelchair Mission in our wills. Thinking about how you leave a legacy: the things you’ve done, the life you’ve led, the impact you have on others, on family, friends, community, and humanity at large."You can join Stuart and others who have committed to creating a legacy of philanthropy! Learn more about the MANY ways you can support our work for years to come at #GiftofMobility #wheelchairs #mobility #legacygiving #plannedgiving #GiveBack #DoGood #makeawillmonth ... See MoreSee Less
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