An estimated 80 million people worldwide are in need of a

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Our Mission

Providing the transforming gift of mobility to
people with a disability living in developing nations,
as motivated by Jesus Christ.


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Give hope, freedom, and renewed dignity through the gift of a wheelchair.

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Donor Testimonials

“I saw how wheelchair recipients found light, freedom, and joy, to know that as human beings, they matter and are loved.”

~ Kathy from California

“To the able-bodied observer, my wheelchair may represent adversity, their eyes perceiving only loss. but my wheelchair does not imprison me; it empowers me. For this reason, I choose to support Free Wheelchair Mission and their work to give the gift of mobility to those in need. Everyone deserves to enjoy such freedom.”

~ Ashley from Indiana

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About a month ago, we completed a successful remote training with NASPIR, our new distribution partner in Nepal!Trainings like these help solidify our relationships and ensure safe, correct wheelchair provision in the countries that we serve.#wheelchairtraining #DistributionPartners ... See MoreSee Less
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For just $32 a month—about $1 a day—you can provide 4 life-transforming wheelchairs each year. Your monthly gifts assist in efficient use of funds, with lower administrative costs, meaning your dollars make an even greater impact.Join Mobilize, our monthly giving program, today at #Mobilize #monthlygiving ... See MoreSee Less
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Today, we honor the strength, resilience, and achievements of individuals with disabilities around the world. Remember that disability looks different for everyone. While some disabilities are visible, others may be less noticeable, like emotional, sensory, or a wide variety of other conditions.We are committed to championing the disability community and empowering those who need wheelchairs with the transforming gift of mobility. Join us in celebrating Disability Awareness Day! ... See MoreSee Less
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Our wheelchairs are delivered in-country with the help of our distribution partners. Their local network has the knowledge, experience, and creativity to get our wheelchairs into the hands of the people who need them most.While the journey isn't always straightforward or easy, we are proud to be partnered with organizations that are committed to serving those with disabilities in their communities.Help us transform lives through the gift of a wheelchair! Join Mobilize and give the gift of mobility every month. Learn more at #Mobilize #monthlygiving ... See MoreSee Less
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Why join Mobilize? Here are a few reasons we can think of. Be a part of a passionate community dedicated to making a lasting difference through monthly giving. Visit to join Mobilize today!#Mobilize #joinmobilize #monthlygiving ... See MoreSee Less
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