75 million people are in need of a
wheelchair but cannot afford one.

Be part of the solution.

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Our Mission

Providing the transforming gift of mobility to
people with a disability living in developing nations,
as motivated by Jesus Christ.

Give hope, freedom, and renewed dignity through the gift of a wheelchair.

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A close up of feet in the footrests of new wheelchairs in Peru.

Donor Testimonials

“I saw how wheelchair recipients found light, freedom, and joy, to know that as human beings, they matter and are loved.”

~ Kathy from California

“To the able-bodied observer, my wheelchair may represent adversity, their eyes perceiving only loss. but my wheelchair does not imprison me; it empowers me. For this reason, I choose to support Free Wheelchair Mission and their work to give the gift of mobility to those in need. Everyone deserves to enjoy such freedom.”

~ Ashley from Indiana

Our Impact

An image of new wheelchairs being unloaded from a truck in Uganda.


Distributed Per Day

Rows and rows of new, blue wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission.


Distributed To Date

A hand tightening a bolt near the spokes of a wheelchair wheel.


Countries Distributed
Wheelchairs Worldwide


✨21,000 and counting✨So far, we have transformed more than 21,000 lives in the country of Costa Rica!Thanks to the continued support of our network of distribution partners, we look forward to even MORE lives being transformed in Costa Rica and beyond!YOU too can join in transforming lives with us! Give today at FreeWheelchairMission.org.#FreeWheelchairMission #GiftofMobility #wheelchairs #mobility #costarica #giveback #dogood #charity #nonprofit #disabilitysupport ... See MoreSee Less
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Who's excited for February?We know we sure are!This month, thousands more individuals in developing countries around the world will receive brand-new wheelchairs.Lives will be TRANSFORMED!You can join us in transforming lives this month and every month!Sign up for Mobilize, our monthly giving program, to make an ongoing impact.www.Mobilize.love#FreeWheelchairMission #GiftofMobility #wheelchairs #mobility #giveback #dogood #charity #nonprofit #mobilize #monthlygiving ... See MoreSee Less
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