Tribute Donations

Donating a wheelchair makes a meaningful difference in a person's life, and it can also be a wonderful way to honor someone special to you.

Free Wheelchair Mission has several options should you wish to donate a wheelchair on someone's behalf.

You may select an honorary or memorial tribute card, and include a personalized message. We will send the card to your chosen recipient, or to the surviving family or friends of a loved one, letting them know that a donation was made on their behalf.

You may select from the following tribute donation options below or call us at 1-800-733-0858 with any questions.

In Your Honor


Honorary Tribute Card

Our “In Your Honor” tribute donations are a special way to help someone in need on behalf of a person you admire. You can honor an important milestone in a friend or family member’s life by sending a FWM wheelchair across the world in their name.

In Their Honor


Memorial Tribute Card

Honor the life of a loved one in a meaningful way by donating a FWM wheelchair in their memory. Enrich their legacy with the enduring gift of mobility.

Send My Chair


Send My Chair Card

Looking for gift ideas? Send My Chair cards contain a gift card with a unique code that allows card recipients to designate which continent they'd like their wheelchairs sent to: Asia, Africa, or Latin America. Give a gift that pays it forward.