The need for wheelchairs in our world is staggering.

In developing countries, the World Health Organization estimates that 75 million people need a wheelchair, the vast majority of whom cannot get one on their own. Without mobility, many of them may be confined to their homes, forced to crawl or be carried. Disease, malnutrition, armed conflict, and lack of proper medical care are all major causes of disability in the developing world.

Why Wheelchairs

For less than $100 a wheelchair can be built, shipped, and delivered across the world, lifting someone up off the ground and transforming a life for good.

Without money to seek medical attention, injuries like broken bones go untreated. Without sufficient prenatal care, congenital conditions can be more prevalent, and home birth and delivery can lead to complications during childbirth.

Without mobility, opportunities to pursue an education and employment are limited, and the cycle of economic strain continues.

The solution is simple.

Our wheelchairs are simple, cost-effective, and highly functional.

They are designed with locally-available resources in mind, with the goal of providing the transforming gift of mobility to as many people as possible while still maintaining a standard of excellence.

We partner with like-minded organizations to reach some of the most remote regions on the planet– and, we do it for an astonishingly reasonable cost.

• Wheelchairs provide mobility, and mobility changes everything.

• Mobility means independence– the ability to participate in society and earn a living.

• Mobility renews dignity, lifting people off the ground and into a new life.