Distribution partners (DPs) are vital to the success of Free Wheelchair Mission.

Becoming a Distribution Partner

Free Wheelchair Mission Distribution Partners (DPs) must be nonprofit organizations with experience importing ocean containers. They must also have the infrastructure to implement a wheelchair program.

Organizations interested in partnership must be invited to apply. As part of the application, they must provide references from groups that have donated and shipped humanitarian aid to them.

They must have a zero-tolerance policy for bribes and have no intention of selling the wheelchairs. They agree to give the wheelchairs to people most in need at no cost to the recipients.

DPs send regular reports about the wheelchair products and wheelchair provision. Free Wheelchair Mission team members often visit them to see their performance firsthand.

Once shipping containers of wheelchairs arrive at the destination port, DPs handle the rest of the distribution process, which includes:

  • Clearing the wheelchairs through customs
  • Storing and assembling the wheelchairs
  • Screening and assessing potential wheelchair recipients
  • Adjusting wheelchairs to fit qualified wheelchair recipients
  • Training the qualified wheelchair recipients on safety and maintenance
    • Communicating with Free Wheelchair Mission and managing the wheelchair program