Distribution partners (DPs) are vital to the success of Free Wheelchair Mission.

Becoming a Distribution Partner

Free Wheelchair Mission Distribution Partners must be nonprofit organizations with experience in importing ocean containers.

DPs must also provide references from other groups for whom they have supplied humanitarian aid by ocean freight.

We do not require our DPs to be faith-based. However, we do require that our partners have a zero-tolerance policy for bribes and have no intention of selling the wheelchairs.

DPs are required to sign an agreement that they will give wheelchairs to people most in need - those who don’t already have one and cannot afford one. Furthermore, we ask that they give the wheelchairs as a gift at no charge to the recipients.

DPs regularly send reports on distribution, and we often visit them to see their performance firsthand.

Once shipping containers of wheelchairs arrive at the destination port, our DPs handle the rest of the distribution process.

• Clear the wheelchairs through customs

• Store and assemble wheelchairs

• Assess potential wheelchair recipients

• Fit recipients to wheelchairs

• Provide wheelchair training and ongoing support