Darwin was born in a rustic farmhouse nestled in the hills of Guatemala, about an eight-hour drive from the capital city.

When his parents embraced their beloved newborn baby — the youngest of their five children — their elation turned to panic when they noticed a growth on Darwin’s spine.

They took little Darwin to a hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with spina bifida and told his heartbroken parents that their son would never walk.

Darwin’s parents resolved to do their best to provide their baby boy with the best life they could, even if they couldn’t always afford everything he needed, including a wheelchair.

Darwin is now 17 years old. His mother, Fidela, has been taking care of him full-time.

Hope Haven, one of our distribution partners in Guatemala, fitted Darwin with his very first wheelchair. With it, Fidela can more easily push Darwin to his classes at a local center, where he is learning how to make bracelets and design pens.

“This wheelchair is a blessing for both of us,” said a teary-eyed Fidela. “With it, I can help Darwin learn to be more independent.”

Darwin’s dream is to be able to start his own business making handicrafts and contribute to his family with his earnings.

Your gift of a wheelchair can empower dreams for individuals like Darwin, all over the world.