Conditions Leading to Disability in Developing Countries

80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries — UNPD



Polio is a viral infection that causes injury to the nerves, including the spinal cord, often leading to partial or full paralysis. Polio has not yet been eradicated in some developing countries and most commonly affects children.

In Uganda, Francis contracted polio at the age of three and has not been able to walk since.

In Uganda, Francis speaks to a crowd from a wheelchair.

Forced to crawl on the ground, Francis “hated being dirty” and was often mocked for his disability, which was seen by Ugandans as a curse.

When Francis was 11 years old, an organization gave him a wheelchair – a gift that offered him the freedom to go to school on his own, socialize with friends, and attend church on Sundays.

The gift gave him greater confidence. Having a wheelchair changed his sense of identity—and set the course for Francis' life.

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