Conditions Leading to Disability in Developing Countries

80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries — UNPD


Agent Orange

Agent Orange is an herbicide employed during the Vietnam War. The effects of this toxic chemical still haunt the people of Vietnam, often leading to congenital conditions that affect mobility.

A man in Vietnam who received a new wheelchair after losing mobility to the effecs of Agent Orange. Tam lives in one of the most heavily bombed areas in Vietnam. He worked as a driver until his legs began to weaken, leading to paralysis about 10 years ago.

He and his wife never had any children. Later, when Tam went for a checkup after losing mobility, doctors determined that both he and his wife had been affected by exposure to the Agent Orange dioxin during the war.

Unable to continue working due to health reasons, they live on assistance of about $4 per day, most of which is spent on medication.

A wheelchair was simply beyond their reach to purchase, but thankfully, Tam received a new GEN_2 wheelchair from a distribution partner of Free Wheelchair Mission.

"It is very strong," noted Tam of the sturdy metal frame and mountain bike tires. "This will serve as my new legs and make me mobile again. I won't have to drag myself on the floor anymore. Thank you for your kindness and big heart that has helped me so much!"