Distribution Reports

Once you have completed your distribution, you will need to fill out and complete the Distribution Report.

All future shipments are determined by the timeliness and quality of your reporting. Late or poor reporting could lead to a decrease in shipment and shipment frequency.

Per the Distribution Agreement, we require that you complete the following 3 steps for each container of wheelchairs you receive:

  1. FWM Wheelchair Distribution Report
  2. Recipient Story + Recipient Photo (before and after)
  3. Online Survey

Due Date: The report is due within six months after the container of wheelchair is cleared from customs. If distribution will take or has taken more than six months, please notify FWM immediately so we can adjust your reporting schedule.

If you need assistance or you have any questions about completing these 3 steps, please contact Tess Stansbury at tstansbury@freewheelchairmission.org