Documents & Resource Library

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  1. Container Ordering Process
  2. Shipping and Cost Breakdown: A detailed breakdown of all costs associated with a container of wheelchairs. This is to show which expenses are the responsibility of FWM and which expenses are the responsibility of the distribution partner.
  3. Contact information change: Please let us know how you want us to communicate with you. If there is a change in staff members, emails, or contact info, please let us know by filling out this form and emailing it to Molly at:
  4. Wheelchair Specifications: more in-depth information on each wheelchair
  5. Wheelchair Container Mixes
  6. Container Breakdown: Example of how the container will be packed
  7. Wheelchair Order Form: To be filled out when placing a container order
  8. Wheelchair Service and Delivery Workbook: The workbook that is provided during our basic wheelchair training course.
  9. GEN_1 User Manual
  10. GEN_2 User Manual
  11. GEN_3 User Manual
  12. Distribution Procedure: Timeline of the distribution process and what is expected from all wheelchair distributions
  13. Container Report: This is the Report that we require to be submitted after each full container has been distributed.
  14. Mini Course Manual
  15. Basic Wheelchair Training PowerPoint