Distribution Partner Training

Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) offers and requires each partner to complete our training program.

The training program will help you:

  • Become familiar with the different wheelchair models
  • Understand the distribution and provision process (before, during, and after)
  • Understand who is appropriate for a FWM wheelchair
  • Assemble and adjust the wheelchairs
  • Fit each wheelchair user
  • Train the wheelchair user about mobility skills, transfers, maintenance, and exercise
  • Fill out a successful distribution report

Training is offered for all partners and is available via:

  • Video conference
  • Hybrid video conference and in-country workshop
  • Full in-country certification workshop

The documents on this page are meant to be a supplement to any training you receive from FWM, and to be used regularly as you work in the field to provide mobility to your community. We expect our Distribution Partners to follow FWM best practices, which are outlined in your partnership agreement and are detailed on this website.

If you have any questions on any of these materials (or need them in a different language) or if you’d like to schedule training, please contact Nicole Vander Zouwen at nvanderzouwen@freewheelchairmission.org.

Click to download the following:

  • The Wheelchair Workbook contains the 5 forms necessary to fill out for each wheelchair user including the 1) Wheelchair Applicant Form 2) Wheelchair Fit Form 3) Safe and Ready Checklist 4) Fit Confirmation Form 5) User Training Skills Checklist. You can download the wheelchair workbook in the following languages:
    - English
    - Spanish
    - Mandarin
    - Portuguese
    - Arabic
    - Vietnamese
  • User Manuals: The GEN_1, GEN_2, and GEN_3 user manuals are for the recipients to learn how to use their wheelchair safely. Topics include pressure sores, proper sitting posture, moving in the wheelchair, exercises, maintenance, and fall recovery.
  • Wheelchair Specification Guide: This document provides details about all wheelchair types.

Watch our training videos on our Vimeo page.