Wheelchair Program Overview

We are dedicated to providing our Distribution Partners with the highest level of support possible.

Wheelchair Program Requirements

  1. Distributor, including all sub-distributors, participate in an FWM training course.
  2. To receive a wheelchair, the wheelchair user must meet the following criteria:
    • Is physically unable to walk
    • Is unable to afford a wheelchair
    • Does not already have a functional wheelchair
    • Is believed by distributor to be physically and mentally capable of using and benefiting from a wheelchair
  3. Distributor uses the FWM workbook including the following forms to screen applicants, determine proper wheelchair provision, and to educate each recipient on how to use the wheelchair.
    • Wheelchair Application
    • Wheelchair Fit Form
    • Safe and Ready Checklist
    • Fit Confirmation Form
    • User Training Checklist
    Distributor may use their own version of one or more of the forms only with written approval from FWM.
  4. Distributor provides the FWM Wheelchair User Manual to all clients with the Distributor’s contact information included.
  5. Distributor upholds all FWM Wheelchair Provision Standards as outlined in the document Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) Appropriate Wheelchair Provision Standards.
  6. Distributor completes and returns 1 completed Wheelchair Container Report for each container of wheelchairs received.