Wheelchair Program Overview

We are dedicated to providing our Distribution Partners with the highest level of support possible.

Wheelchair Program Requirements

1. Distributor must participate in a FWM training course. This course is a 6-hour Skype training.

2. If Distributor is using-sub-distribution partners, then the sub-distributions need to receive the full training.

3. Distributor and sub distributors may only distribute fully assembled and tested wheelchairs. No wheelchairs should be given out unassembled or in the box

4. Every organization or group must ensure appropriate provision of the wheelchairs.

5. Distributor must use the FWM application and fit forms to determine proper wheelchair provision for each recipient

6. In order to receive a wheelchair, the wheelchair recipient must meet the following criteria for receiving a wheelchair.

  • Recipient is physically unable to walk
  • Recipient is unable to afford a wheelchair
  • Recipient does not already have a wheelchair
  • The recipient is believed by distributor, family or friends of the individual interviewed by the distributors representatives to be physically and mentally capable of using and benefitting from a wheelchair
  • Recipient has support from relatives or friends so assistance is available
    *** Please use the FWM application form to help vet a new wheelchair recipient

7. Wheelchairs should be distributed free of charge

8. The Distributor agrees to provide the FWM Wheelchair User Manual to all recipients with the Distributor’s contact information included.

9. Each recipient should be fitted and adjusted individually for their wheelchair by a trained distributor.

10. Each recipient should be trained on the use and maintenance of their wheelchair

11. The Distributor is required to fill out and return 1 completed distribution report for each container of wheelchairs received. This includes an online survey and 1 recipient story with a digital before and after picture.