It’s almost Mother’s Day. We wouldn’t be here without moms. They are the backbone of daily life whether they’re parenting their own children, helping a neighbor or running a business.

And moms are always present at wheelchair distributions. Sometimes they arrive carrying their children and sometimes they are the ones being carried, but they always leave with the joy of newfound mobility. Whether it’s the mother or the child seated in the wheelchair, they are both more free and independent than they were when they arrived.

Many of the recipient stories we receive include the gratitude of mothers. They are so appreciative of the new opportunities their children have and the physical burden that has eased since they no longer have to carry their child everywhere. And when moms are the recipients, they are so grateful they are no longer a burden on their families. Some of the biggest smiles on distribution days are on the mothers’ faces.

Thank you for changing the lives of mothers around the world through the gift of mobility!

Don Schoendorfer