Thirteen years ago a flash flood came through Gilgit-Balitstan, Pakistan. The waters destroyed Nizam-Ud-Din’s home. His father was killed, and he and his two siblings were left with permanent disabilities. Though he was still a teenager, Nizam-Ud-Din became the sole breadwinner for his family. For years they struggled as he tried to earn money and care for himself, his brother and sister.

In 2014, Nizam-Ud-Din opened a small shop, but with his limited mobility it was hard for him to get to the shop and move around within it. Then in early 2016 the Al-Khidmat Foundation gave him a new GEN_2 wheelchair. Nizam-Ud-Din was overcome with emotion as he learned to use his wheelchair and realized how significantly it would change his life.

Now he can easily get to work each day, his business is thriving and he is able to provide all the care his family needs. What a blessing!

Thank you, our generous supporters, for providing the transforming gift of mobility to people around the world.

Don Schoendorfer