Ma Hao is in fifth grade and his school is over a half-mile away from his home, in a small town in rural China.

Since Ma Hao cannot walk— a lack of oxygen during his birth caused his legs to grow weak– his mother had been carrying him everywhere: to the bathroom, to places down the street, and all the way to and from school.

She had been Ma Hao’s only mobility aid for the first 13 years of his life.

Imagine the excitement Ma Hao and his family felt when they learned they’d receive a free wheelchair. Workers from our local distribution partner arrived at their home to deliver and assemble a GEN_2 wheelchair.

The assembly process alone moved Ma Hao’s heart as he saw the love, care, and kindness demonstrated towards him by the team— he was especially moved when one of them cut his finger and bled while working on the wheelchair.

Ma Hao later said,

“They were so nice, doing this for me… With this wheelchair, I can be independent and my mother can relax from now on.”

Within one week, Ma Hao was wheeling himself around like a pro, and now, when he goes to school, his mother can walk alongside him without having to carry him on her shoulders.

The gift of mobility hasn’t just given freedom to Ma Hao; it has blessed his family as well.

Lives are changed for the better, one wheelchair at a time, thanks to your generosity.


Don Schoendorfer