Alejandro has not spoken for more than 20 years. He has not been able to walk for his entire life. He is now 50 years old and lives with his mother, Fortunata, in a remote Peruvian village.

Alejandro’s father died when he was just a little boy. He never went to school. His mother remembers, with tears, that she did not want to carry Alejandro to school because she was afraid of being mocked.

Still, Fortunata says that she was never ashamed of her son and has always loved him deeply. She says that Alejandro is her perfect gift in spite of his disability! He does his best to help Fortunata in the fields, cultivating the land and caring for animals. Sometimes Alejandro stays at home to do the cooking. But in order to go anywhere or do anything, he has had to crawl on the ground.

Alejandro’s mother is a strong woman, and she has done her best to see that Alejandro could live a happy life. It is extremely difficult for her to communicate with him because he does not speak, but she continues to love him and patiently care for him.


When Alejandro received his wheelchair, the smile on his face communicated more than words ever could. He had never had a wheelchair before, but he immediately knew he would no longer have to crawl in the dirt thanks to this wonderful gift. Fortunata cried tears of joy, and expressed her heartfelt thanks for this long-awaited gift of mobility.

Thank you for providing this great gift to Alejandro. After 50 years of immobility, you have transformed his life!


Don Schoendorfer