Inocente is 60 years old and has dedicated his whole life to working in agriculture. Sadly, he has not been able to work for the past year. Swollen feet, hypertension, and two tumors in his abdomen have left him unable to move.

Inocente’s children have taken turns caring for him; for the last year they shared the cost of his food, medicines, and other expenses because Inocente had no income of his own. The pain, the swelling, and his inability to move caused him to become depressed. Recently, Inocente has spent most of his day lying down.

Neither Inocente nor his family could afford a wheelchair, but he received the gift of mobility and a GEN_2 wheelchair thanks to your generosity. Immediately after receiving his wheelchair, Inocente was taken around the outside of his home so he could see for himself that everything was ok. He was productive and responsible once again!

Inocente’s illness has not changed, but the wheelchair has completely changed his quality of life. His depression has been relieved, and he is motivated him to keep on living.

Inocente sent these words to you, the donor: “Many thanks for the donation of a wheelchair. It’s been a year since my feet got so swollen due to the stomach tumors; I couldn’t walk anymore and spent the day lying down. Thanks to you, I now have a wheelchair that allows me to move around and enables my family to take me to the Health Center for the treatment indicated by my doctor.”

My thanks to you as well, for transforming Inocente’s life with the gift of mobility!


Don Schoendorfer