With all the turmoil and distress in the world, it can be easy to miss the stories of lives being changed for the better. These reports don’t make the international news, but they are happening every day as our distribution partners work around the globe providing the gift of mobility.

In Peru, our partner Camino de Vida (CDV) met Christian. For nine years, his mother carried him on her back, and she was exhausted. She had lost hope that she would be able to continue providing for him as he got older. When she heard a church was going to be distributing wheelchairs in her small community, she filled out an application. She explained her son was a lively young boy with a zeal for life, but since birth he been unable to move on his own. She could manage when he was baby, but the stronger and more energetic he became, the bigger the challenge it had become to take him out of the house.

CDV let Christian’s mother know they had a wheelchair specifically for him. When the distribution day arrived, Christian and his mom were the first two to arrive. Finally, Christian was going to be able to move around and explore the world on his own!

Christian’s eyes lit up when he sat in his wheelchair for the first time. The level of attention and detail the CDV staff provided ensured Christian’s wheelchair was the best possible fit and was adjusted for his specific needs. His mom watched as the church took time to work with and care for Christian and his needs. The church showed the love of Christ to her and to Christian by meeting a physical need. Then they prayed over Christian and his mom and showed them that God cares so deeply for them both and that this wheelchair is a representation of his love and provision.

And Christian’s story is one of thousands made possible by your generous support—thank you for being part of life transformations!


Don Schoendorfer

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