Felix and Melody have been married for 61 years. Together, they raised one child, with Felix working as a farmer and shopkeeper while Melody worked as an elementary school teacher. They have always been devoted to each another, through both good times and challenging times.

The secret to their long marriage? “We always remind each other that we are a team and must help one another,” said Melody, “to show our son how to care for loved ones.”

Four years ago, Felix had a stroke that resulted in his loss of mobility. He received some physical therapy and made a little bit of progress, but he still cannot walk.

Throughout it all, Melody has never left his side. She provides all of his care, including lifting him in and out of bed and even carrying him sometimes—by no means an easy feat for a 79-year-old woman. They live alone, with no one else around to help.

A vision trip team from Free Wheelchair Mission visited their home a few months ago. They were welcomed warmly by Felix and Melody, who showed them such hospitality.

That day, Felix received a new GEN_3 wheelchair that was custom-fitted to him by our team. Now, Melody will no longer have to carry Felix from one place to another. She can easily push him around the house and take him outside to get therapy, meet with neighbors, or just enjoy a breath of fresh air together.

“Thank you, God and Free Wheelchair Mission, for your kindness towards Felix and me,” said Melody as she broke out into songs of joy with the visiting team.

Your generosity helped write a new chapter in Felix’s and Melody’s love story.

Thanks to your prayers and support, we have distributed more than 1.4 million wheelchairs in 95 developing countries. There is still much to be done, however, with an estimated 80 million people worldwide who still need wheelchairs, like Felix once did.

Would you consider giving someone the gift of mobility today?