When Nicauros was a baby, she suffered high fevers and seizures that led to cerebral palsy.

Unwilling to deal with a disability in the family, Nicauros’ father soon abandoned her, her sister, and her mother.

Nicauros’ mother, seeking a new life and more opportunities for her two daughters, moved them to another town. Now 23, Nicauros lives with her sister, mother, and stepfather in a little pink house in the city of Hato Mayor.

When Nicauros was younger, her mother would carry her to school, but she eventually grew too big and heavy to be carried. Nicauros was devastated when she was forced to drop out of school and stay home.

Wanting to remain productive and active, Nicauros would make jewelry to sell out of her house. Her sister, mother, or stepfather would go out to buy beads that she would string together into bracelets.

Nicauros’ sympathetic stepfather told a friend about her situation, and this friend connected the family to our local distribution partner, El Buen Samaritano Hospital.

I went with a team from El Buen Samaritano to deliver a new GEN_3 wheelchair to Nicauros’s house and will never forget the radiant, utter joy that burst through her smile. She was so delighted and grateful to receive this gift.

Now, Nicauros can go to the market and choose beads herself. This has opened up new possibilities, and her creativity has flourished as she creates new designs.

She now dreams of going back to school and becoming a beautician. She also dreams of someday opening her own salon, where she can do hair and nails while continuing to design and sell her own jewelry.

Your generosity has allowed Nicauros to expand her dreams: while she once dreamt of simply leaving her house, she now dreams of growing her own business.

Around the world, an estimated 80 million people still need wheelchairs. Together, with your prayers and support, we can continue to make a difference and empower more dreamers like Nicauros.