Kato, a boy in Uganda, was born with a disability that his village saw as a curse.

They shunned him, fearful that they, too, could be cursed by simply associating with him. For years, Kato lived in isolation, ostracized by the community for something he had no control over.

Desperate for a way out, Kato’s family took him to the local witch doctor, who performed a ritual that was meant to drive away evil spirits and heal the boy.

Instead, the witch doctor gouged Kato’s eye out in the frenzy.

Imagine the emotional torment–in addition to the physical challenges–that Kato has lived with since birth. After all he has been through, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to believe that he was indeed cursed.

We connected with Kato through Father’s Heart Mobility, our distribution partner in Uganda, and fitted him with a GEN_2 wheelchair. Our team also had a chance to pray for Kato and tell him that he isn’t cursed by supernatural forces, but rather, that he is created in the image of God, who loves him and offers an everlasting hope.

The gift of mobility offers hope in more ways than one. Thank you for partnering with us in offering this hope to people like Kato.


Don Schoendorfer