It’s always inspiring to see what children can do when they set their minds on achieving a goal.

Meet Reagan, a first-grader who lives in Ketchum, Idaho. Last summer, she attended a Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Bigwood Church, where, as part of the curriculum, they showed the children a video about Free Wheelchair Mission and the worldwide need for mobility.

The children were encouraged to gather loose change and donate the money to give wheelchairs to people with disabilities in developing nations.

Moved by what she had learned, Reagan set out to do more than that.

The budding entrepreneur came up with the idea to make colorful bracelets and sell them to raise funds for wheelchairs.

Reagan and her mother did some online research and ordered the supplies they needed. Then, she and her brother handcrafted each bracelet.

Determined to lift someone off the ground and into a wheelchair, Reagan took her bracelets everywhere, selling them at her dad’s office, in front of a local music festival, on a neighborhood corner, and even at the bank, when she tagged along with her mother while running errands.

Reagan’s hard work and persistence raised $80—enough to give a wheelchair to someone—on top of the change she had already donated at VBS. What an amazing accomplishment by a remarkable young leader!

Somewhere in the world, someone received a wheelchair–and with it, a greater chance to pursue an education, make a living, and participate in the life of their community–all because of friends like you and Reagan.

Thank you for all the ways you’re making a difference.


Don Schoendorfer