A Story from Uganda

Peter and his twin brother were born 81 years ago, but only Peter survived, and he had paralysis of the legs. Without any mobility aids, Peter could not easily get to school, so his parents taught him at home and gave him a fourth-grade education.

His parents worked hard to save up enough money to buy a small tricycle for Peter to scoot around on. He used this for a few years, until it was accidentally destroyed when Peter was playing with his friends and scooted too close to a fire.

Ever since that time, Peter has crawled on his hands and knees, using wooden blocks in his hands.

Peter prayed that he might someday get a proper wheelchair.

In the meantime, he would go on with his life, getting married and starting a family. “I’m proud of my wife, whom I married at church, and my three children.”

Two of his youngest sons were with Peter when he finally received a new wheelchair from our distribution partner, Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry. Peter immediately praised God for answering his prayers. “This will help me make moving easier,” he said. “Now, I will be able to go to church and visit my relatives!”

Peter didn’t give up hope. He made the best of what he had for much of his life, and he never stopped praying, even when he didn’t see that prayer answered for years.

All around the world, individuals like Peter sing praises for the new life they have because of God’s grace and the generosity of friends like you.

Thank you.