Her parents had the perfect name for her.

When they first laid eyes on their beautiful baby girl, they named her Gift.

Gift was born with no hands or feet. When she was still a toddler, her parents took her and fled from their home in South Sudan due to violent conflict and deteriorating conditions.

The conflict began in 2013, when forces loyal to the country's president clashed with rebel forces led by his former deputy, quickly escalating into a full-scale civil war. Both sides engaged in brutal violence and atrocities against civilians, resulting in displacement, widespread hunger, and a humanitarian crisis.

Simply seeking to survive, Gift and her family eventually made their way on foot to a refugee camp in neighboring Uganda.

Uganda has become a refuge for millions of South Sudanese who have been forced to flee their homes. The proximity of Uganda to South Sudan, coupled with its open-door policy towards refugees, has made it a destination for those seeking safety and protection. With its long history of welcoming refugees, Uganda has become a safe haven for many South Sudanese like Gift and her family.

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Although she has led a challenging life, Gift has never stopped smiling. She's bright, curious, and eager to learn new things. She loves school, but has a hard time getting there without mobility.

But because of friends like you, Gift received a new wheelchair through the Walkabout Foundation, one of our distribution partners that serves in Uganda.

“It will be so easy to take her to school now!” exclaimed her mother, excited about the possibilities that the new wheelchair will bring. Greater opportunities to pursue an education mean more opportunities for Gift to be more independent in the future. “I'm so happy," said her mother through tears of gratitude. "God bless you people!”

Your generosity gave the gift of mobility to Gift, who is a blessing to her parents and everyone around her.

There are still an estimated 75 million individuals around the world who, like Gift, have so much potential and are waiting for a wheelchair but cannot get one on their own. Would you give someone the gift of mobility today?

Donate now to Free Wheelchair Mission

Free Wheelchair Mission is a humanitarian organization that designs and manufactures cost-efficient, durable wheelchairs for individuals living with disabilities in developing countries. Since 2001, Free Wheelchair Mission has distributed more than 1.3 million wheelchairs in 94 countries around the world since 2001, providing renewed dignity, independence, and hope through the gift of mobility, all at no cost to the recipient.