Nancy, 10, was born with spina bifida, a condition in which the spine and spinal cord do not form properly while in the womb. She has never been able to walk.

Despite the many challenges throughout her life, Nancy has faced it all with high spirits, determined to not allow her disability to define who she is.

Her supportive parents do whatever they can to help their beloved daughter live her life to its fullest. They wished for her to have a wheelchair, which would make it much easier for her to go to school, but they just could not afford one on their modest earnings. 

Nancy connected with The Walkabout Foundation, one of our distribution partners in Kenya. Upon assessing her condition, the Walkabout team decided that the pediatric wheelchairs they had would not be suitable for her because it did not provide the postural support that she needed and could potentially cause further complications.

Instead, Walkabout customized one of our GEN_2 wheelchairs, which friends like you helped send to Kenya. The GEN_2, which comes in four sizes and can be further adjusted for a proper fit, allows for the kind of customization needed for individuals like Nancy.

Nancy was elated when she received her new wheelchair. Now, she can go to school more easily, in comfort, with the postural support that she needs.

Your generosity put that smile on Nancy’s face. Thank you.