Nine-year-old Emmanuel in Kenya lives in a remote village.

He has cerebral palsy, a condition that is caused by brain injuries or complications that occur during pregnancy, birth, or during a child’s first two or three years of life while the brain is developing. Cerebral palsy affects movements related to joints, reflexes, and posture, and often necessitates the use of a mobility aid.

Left unable to walk, Emmanuel would spend most of his time lying down on a sheet on the ground—a measure taken by his parents to prevent him from falling and getting hurt while they worked the fields.

A boy named Emmanuel in Kenya lies on a sheet on the ground.

There are still other risks involved. Being on the ground would leave Emmanuel vulnerable to threats such as snake bites and insect stings. His younger brother would stay nearby to help him in case of an emergency, but he would not have been able to carry his bigger, older brother to safety.

His days of being left on the ground are over, however, thanks to friends like you.

Emmanuel received a new wheelchair from our local distribution partner, Tenwek Hospital, which held a wheelchair outreach event in his area.

A map of Kenya, with a photo of a boy named Emmanuel, sitting in a wheelchair.

Now, Emmanuel can sit safely in the wheelchair throughout the day and go outside whenever he would like, being pushed by his little brother. What he most looks forward to is being able to go to school and meet with friends.

​Emmanuel’s entire family expressed deep gratitude to everyone who made this life-changing gift possible, including Tenwek Hospital, Free Wheelchair Mission, and generous supporters like you.