Dorcas, 23, is the oldest of nine children, born to a farmer’s family in rural Bomet County, Kenya.

She has lived with a disability for most of her life.

Without mobility, Dorcas would need help from her mother and younger brothers to get from place to place.

Throughout the years, various people and organizations would promise to get her a wheelchair. Dorcas patiently waited, but none of them were ever able to fulfill these promises.

So, Dorcas continued to pray and wait.

For years.

One day, Dorcas was brought to Tenwek Hospital, a distribution partner of Free Wheelchair Mission.

There, she received her very first wheelchair—a new GEN_2 wheelchair that will help her move about more easily on her own. “I have been waiting and trusting God to get a wheelchair,” she exclaimed. “May God bless you!”

Dorcas’ prayers were answered through the generosity of friends like you.

Thank you for all you do to bless people like Dorcas, all over the world.