Peter, 30, is the youngest of six children. 

In 2009, he was working as a mason at a university in Kenya when he fell from the third floor of a building, sustaining a spinal cord injury that caused paralysis of his lower body.

Peter spent three months in the hospital before going home to Gakoye Village. He lives with his parents and sister, Alice, who serves as his caregiver.

After being without work and living without mobility for over a decade, Peter received a new GEN_3 wheelchair from Bethany Kids, one of our distribution partners in Kenya.

Now, Peter can transfer himself in and out of his wheelchair and move about independently. And, since the GEN_3 folds for easy storage and transport, Peter can regularly take public transportation into town, where he works. He can also do part of his new job at home, on a laptop that was provided to him.

“A big thank-you for your assistance in making me mobile again,” said Peter. “[With mobility] I am able to accomplish more than I had expected to.”

Your generosity is empowering individuals like Peter, all over the world, to live independently and accomplish more than they might have ever dreamed of before receiving the gift of a wheelchair.

For less than $100, you can help change the trajectory of someone’s life. Would you consider giving someone the gift of mobility today?