Meet Martire, a 26-year-old single father who lives in the fields of the Dominican Republic.

Martire faced immense challenges after he sustained spinal cord injuries in an accident that left him paralyzed. His world crumbled when his wife abandoned him and their young son, leaving him to rely on his devoted mother Eugenia to care for them both. Feeling useless, he fell into deep despair.

But a ray of hope pierced through the darkness when friends like you stepped in, giving Martire the life-changing gift of a new GEN_3 wheelchair.

Now, Martire can navigate the streets more easily and take a bus to the city to look for work. The GEN_3’s folding design allows for ease of transport aboard these crowded city buses.

Martire’s newfound mobility not only liberated him, but also positively impacted his family. His mother Eugenia, once burdened with the sole responsibility of caregiving for both her son and grandson, found solace in seeing Martire’s independence restored. His young son, witnessing his father’s determination, gained a renewed sense of hope and resilience. “This wheelchair is a blessing to my family,” said Martire. “I can move on my own and be less dependent on them.”

The simple gift of a wheelchair has empowered Martire and instilled newfound strength in those who supported him. His story reminds us all that generosity, fueled by compassion, can make a real difference in this world.