Can you believe that it’s already March? The first two months of the year have gone by so quickly, with many exciting developments along the way. Here are some highlights from February 2017:

  • Three new members joined our team, including our Executive Director, Nuka Solomon.
  • FWM earned the Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency for nonprofit organizations.
  • We explored what love-in-action looks like for the 2 Weeks of Love campaign.
  • Ambassadors of all ages, including Girl Scout Troop 235 in Boise, Idaho, continued doing wonderful work through the United States, raising awareness and funds for FWM.
  • A vision team went to Uganda and experienced firsthand some moving stories that we’ll be sharing with you soon.


There is much more in store for the days ahead. For one, we are on a “Mission to 1 Million,” aiming to deliver our one-millionth wheelchair by this summer. We also have the family-friendly Run for Mobility coming up in May.

Each of our weekly stories is a testimony of how the gift of mobility can help transform the lives of people with disabilities in developing countries. While the stories may seem similar sometimes, please know that you are still making a very real impact on every one of these individuals, along with their families and communities, through your prayers and support. Thank you.


Don Schoendorfer

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