Mrs. Zui lives with her husband in a rural village in China. She lost speech and mobility to a stroke many years ago, but her spirit remains undaunted.

Her husband, who makes a living as a farmer, struggles with the thought of leaving her at home, alone, in their unheated housing unit when he goes off to work. He serves as her primary caregiver and would carry her wherever she needed to go.

Thanks to the new wheelchair she received, Mrs. Zui will no longer be stuck in a hard, plastic chair while she waits for Mr. Zui to come home. The wheelchair also gives Mr. Zui greater peace of mind: he knows that his beloved wife will be safer in a wheelchair than in bed or on a chair while he’s away.

Mrs. Zui might not be able to express her gratitude verbally, but her smile said it all.

Thank you for all you do to give people like Mrs. Zui a renewed sense of dignity, independence, and hope through the gift of a wheelchair.

They have new reasons to smile because of you.