Despite the challenges she has faced since birth, Huiyu, a 15-year-old girl in Xinyang City, China, is ever cheerful.

She was born with a tumor, and although she has undergone several surgeries throughout her childhood, the tumor continues to constrict her nerves, preventing her from being able to stand up.

Yet, Huiyu remains optimistic. “It’s not too bad,” she said. “I can do everything but walk.”

With the cost of her medical treatments, her parents could not afford to buy her a wheelchair, but because of friends like you, Huiyu received a new GEN_3 wheelchair, fitted to her by our local distribution partner.


Huiyu is eager to stay in school and hopes to find a job someday. She already has the heart and mindset to reach these goals, and now, thanks to the gift of mobility, she can more easily pursue them.

Thank you for all you do to empower lives like Huiyu’s.


Don Schoendorfer