Yan, 66, and her husband raised two children in a village in China that has based its economy on agriculture for decades.

Over time comes change: Urban sprawl has been creeping into fields, consuming them beneath new buildings and roads. Yan’s children have grown up and moved away. And Yan’s life took a severe turn several years ago, when she suffered a stroke and was left with hemiplegic paralysis.

With their children away, Yan’s husband has served as her primary caregiver, helping her get from place to place—no easy feat for either of them as they both advance in age.

Their village chief approached our local distribution partner and filled out an application for Yan to receive a new wheelchair.

At a group distribution, trained staff and volunteers fitted Yan with a new GEN_2, making adjustments to ensure a correct fit. They also trained Yan and her husband on proper wheelchair use and maintenance, as well as a series of exercises to help prevent pressure sores.

Yan was moved by the care shown to her through this gift of a wheelchair. “I can’t believe it!” she exclaimed to her husband. “We should persevere through tough times and do our best to help others, too.”

Your gift of a wheelchair has not only given Yan mobility and independence, it has inspired her to pay it forward and help others who face life’s challenges.

Thank you for empowering over 1.1 million lives, like Yan’s, in 93 developing countries around the world.