Mukasa is a 35-year-old father of three in Uganda.

Three years ago, he developed painful blood clots in his legs that gradually robbed him of mobility. His wife then abandoned him, taking their three young children with her, leaving him to live on his own.

Without a wheelchair, Mukasa could no longer work or go out, becoming dependent on the kindness of neighbors to bring him food. “I could only sit from morning to night,” he lamented. “I was suffering and in pain. I was in bad condition and I begged God to help me.”

And thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Mukasa’s prayers were answered when he received a new GEN_2 wheelchair. “Now, I will be able to go and get something to eat and help myself,” he grinned. “God knew that I needed this!”

“I was just stuck at home and now, I am happy,” he continued. “God bless you! I have nothing to give in return, but I pray that God blesses you.”

The generosity of friends like you is an answer to prayers for countless individuals like Mukasa across the world, who now have mobility and renewed hope for the days ahead.