Looking to get more involved with Free Wheelchair Mission?

One of the best, most important ways you can do so is by spreading the word about the worldwide need for mobility — and what we can do together to help.

Tell a friend or coworker about Free Wheelchair Mission.

One great way to spread the word is through your social networks.

Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn, and share the stories that move you. Tag a friend to show them how lives are being transformed all over the globe.

Another wonderful way to spread the word is by giving someone a Free Wheelchair gift card.

For an $80 donation, a wheelchair will be provided to an individual in need, and you’ll receive a beautiful greeting card to give to someone, noting that a wheelchair has been donated in their name.

The card recipient will also receive a gift card code that will allow them to designate which region they’d like the wheelchair sent to: Africa, Asia, or Latin America.

They’ll then receive email updates on the status of the wheelchair they’ve sent.

Together, we can reach our goal of giving away another million wheelchairs by 2025—but we can only do this with your help.

Thank you for being part of Free Wheelchair Mission.