Maria is a cute, fun-loving, 12-year-old girl in Guatemala.

She attends a school for children with disabilities, and among the subjects she studies is English, which she was keen to practice with a recent vision team.

Maria was born with one leg longer than the other, hindering her mobility. When she tries to walk, her leg becomes inflamed, often causing her to miss school. This, in turn, poses a challenge to her mother, Gilda, who must also manage getting another daughter to a different school while running a small shop.

Maria and her mother were so thankful for the GEN_3 wheelchair they received through Hope Haven, a local distribution partner of FWM, after waiting three years for their first wheelchair. 

With her newfound mobility, Maria looks forward to going places such as the park, and her mother can spend more time tending to her store, earning a living to support the family. 

Lives, like Maria’s, are being transformed because of you.

Thank you for making a difference all around the world.