With an estimated 100 million people in need of mobility aids globally, the distribution of free wheelchairs is a monumental undertaking that requires like-minded partners around the world, working together towards a shared goal.

The Red Cross is one such partner. They recently delivered 60 wheelchairs to people with disabilities in El Salvador in cooperation with World Vision, another humanitarian organization dedicated to serving those in need around the globe.

One of the people who was blessed by this partnership is Magdalena. Upon receiving a new wheelchair, she said, “I have a prosthetic leg and it’s hard for me to move and do normal things like everybody else. Now my present and future will be different, because I will be more independent and I´ll be able to move with ease.”

“We delivered an important tool for the life of people with disabilities,” says Carlos López, Red Cross El Salvador representative.

“These 60 wheelchairs donated to us have relieved the pain and suffering of people with mobility disabilities. I must highlight the work that the Red Cross is doing in the country, thanks to institutions (that) have decided to make the noble commitment of contributing to bring relief and hope to those who need it the most.”

You are an integral part of this global partnership. Your prayers, support, and generosity are making a difference, transforming lives like Magdalena’s.


Don Schoendorfer