In 2014, we sent a representative to Kenya to study the performance of wheelchairs in a relatively challenging environment.

Rutted dirt roads. Potholes. Furniture nestled in tight spaces. These are just some of the obstacles navigated by wheelchair users there each day.

The study gave us deeper insight that helped us make further improvements to our wheelchairs. Our goal is to provide the best mobility solutions possible to wheelchair users while remaining cost-efficient.

To date, you’ve sent 7,225 wheelchairs to Kenya. We’ve been hoping to distribute more throughout the country, so I’m proud to announce a new partnership in Kenya with The Walkabout Foundation.

The Walkabout Foundation shares the vision to provide wheelchairs to people with disabilities in developing nations.

Their Kenya wheelchair team, trained by the World Health Organization, will assess applicants, prescribe wheelchairs, and fit each wheelchair to its recipient.

The foundation operates a daycare and support center where 30 children with mobility disabilities receive occupational therapy, a structured education, and assistance with daily activities.

This not only benefits the children – it offers their parents a chance to go to work with peace of mind, knowing that their kids are being well cared for.

While distribution partners play a key role in the journey of a wheelchair, it all begins with friends like you. Your generosity, prayers, and support are opening doors to a brighter future for people living with disabilities in Kenya and around the world.

Thank you for making a difference.


Don Schoendorfer