A director of a missions organization once said that an oft-overlooked aspect of missions is the transformation of the missionary.

Thus, when we talk about transforming lives through the gift of mobility, we are not just referring to those who receive our wheelchairs. We are also talking about the transformation of those who send the wheelchairs.

I will never forget my own transformation that occurred the moment I lifted someone into a wheelchair for the first time.

And, thanks to your prayers and generosity, 1.3 million more people have been lifted into wheelchairs ever since. We could not have done this without friends like you and Nanette Suarez (below), who is one of our most faithful ambassadors.

Every year, Nanette takes part in our Move for Mobility event, which is coming up this May.

Nanette Suarez, finishing last year’s Move for Mobility

With the Move for Mobility, you can run a marathon, walk, hike a trail, cycle, row, swim, or do any activity of your choice while raising funds to provide mobility to individuals in need in developing countries.

Despite her own mobility issues, Nanette will be walking this year. “Oh, you bet I’ll be walking,” proclaimed Nanette, “and with God’s blessing, perhaps it will be a 5K. Your prayers are appreciated.”

When asked what motivates her, Nanette replied, “I believe that when I walk for mobility, I am not just walking to raise funds for wheelchairs. I’m not walking only to change lives for those around the world who cannot walk, but, with Jesus’ blessing, I am also walking for my donors.”

“How would you like to change someone’s life forever?” asks Nanette. “How about changing an entire family’s life? What if you could ‘better’ an entire community without even leaving your home? Your donation to give a much-needed wheelchair will change someone’s life forever, giving them and their family more independence and thereby helping to support their community—also, possibly saving souls with the story of Jesus. And that certainly will change your life.”

If you would like to transform lives—possibly including your own—consider joining the Move for Mobility this May as either a “mover” or a supporter.

Visit this page for more information.