By Wellness Educator and Endurance Coach Nadia Ruiz

When we begin a new fitness routine, our bodies begin to adapt over time – our next natural question usually is, “How can I push myself further or faster safely?” Here are some quick reminders to reflect and review in order to take on the next phase of your training effectively.

  1. Reflect, review, and readdress your original goals. As you get stronger or have setbacks, go back to your original goals in order to see how far you have come or to recreate how you would like to move forward. Setbacks are inevitable. Small steps forward are always possible.
  2. Train smart. As you reassess your original goals, explore whether you would like to maintain fitness or would like to explore testing what you are truly capable of. It could be a new distance, a new speed, a new challenge. The concept of trying something new, or something we are afraid of, helps gear our training in the right direction to train smart and purposeful.
  3. Hydrate and refuel wholesomely. This will always be a reminder. We have to make hundreds of choices daily and our eating lifestyle is a large part of it, so also taking the time to review what are we truly consuming on a daily basis helps find the gaps.
  4. Recognize everyone’s miles are different. Comparison is the killer of happiness. Acknowledge how far you have come and what you do each day for you. Everyone has a different body, lifestyle, threshold, and goals. Be patient with what your body can handle now and know it can handle much more.
  5. Cross-train. Variety is the secret to life, happiness, and motivation. Your body and fitness progression knows it too. Add variety and indulge in different activities you may enjoy.
  6. Periodize training. How you train and how frequently all impact how you get stronger. Recognize active recovery is a part of it. If you are looking for more effective guidance, a coach can help tremendously here.
  7. Rest. Recovery is as important to getting stronger as much as training is. Our bodies rebuild at rest, during sleep, and also during active recovery. Give your body the meditation, sleep, and rest it needs in order to be fully and naturally recharged to tackle life the next day.

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As always, be sure to follow your local, state, and national safety guidelines. Also, be sure to talk with your doctor before beginning or changing any new diet or exercise program.

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