Sharon Lewis has been a faithful supporter of Free Wheelchair Mission since 2010.

Over the past 12 years, Sharon has helped raise funds to provide thousands of new wheelchairs to individuals in need in developing countries. Sharon also helps to raise awareness of our mission through participation in events like Miracle of Mobility and the Arizona Ride for Mobility, which she also helped to organize.

“Free Wheelchair Mission is a bright spot in the world,” said Sharon. “The integrity with which they operate, the incredible difference they make in the world on individual, community, and global levels, as well as the structures they put in place for continued excellence and longevity, are very evident.”

She added, “It is an honor to support Free Wheelchair Mission by participating in vision trips, fund and awareness raising, and contributing funds.”

Sharon (left) at a wheelchair distribution for Margarita (center) in Peru.

Sharon is so passionate about transforming lives through the gift of mobility that she has decided to participate in legacy and planned giving.

Through planned giving, Sharon can create a legacy of philanthropy and support the work of Free Wheelchair Mission for years to come with a gift that doesn’t impact her cash flow, lifestyle, or family security. Planned giving options include wills and revocable living/family trusts, securities, gifts of real estate, gifts of collectibles, life insurance policy proceeds, retirement plan proceeds, charitable remainder trusts, and IRA rollovers.

“The opportunity to continue to support Free Wheelchair Mission after I am gone gives me great joy,” Sharon recently told us.

With her new wheelchair, Margarita can earn more money by selling sweets in town.

While on vision trips to distribute wheelchairs in India, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Peru, Sharon has heard scores of individuals respond to the question, “What will you do with this new wheelchair?”

“Pretty much without exception,” said Sharon, “The immediate answer is always something to do with being in community: ‘I am going to go to church’ or ‘I will visit my grandchildren’ or ‘I can go to school now’ or ‘Now, I can support my family.’”

Thanks to Sharon’s passion, dedication, and planned giving—along with your continued prayers and support—more people will receive this life-transforming gift of mobility for years to come.

Don Schoendorfer
Founder and President
Free Wheelchair Mission

PS: To learn more about legacy and planned giving, visit this page or watch this replay of our “Making an Impact with Legacy and Planned Giving” webinar.