Lebohang is a 13-year-old who lives with his parents and younger sister in Soweto, South Africa.

He was born with a disability and needed to be carried for the first few years of his life. His father later saved up for a pair of crutches, which Lebohang learned how to use. With them, he could stand up and even take a few steps, but he would get tired and need to sit. This limited his mobility to short distances.

Lebohang’s family brought him to the offices of our local distribution partner, Network of Caring, which is the philanthropic arm of the company Network 21. This company holds the distinction of being both a supporter of Free Wheelchair Mission and a distributor of our wheelchairs.

The team from Network of Caring assessed Lebohang’s needs, determined that one of our wheelchairs would suit him, and provided him with a new GEN_3 model in his size. They then made adjustments to the wheelchair for a custom fit to avoid complications that can arise due to improper fit.

Lebohang, whose arms have gotten quite strong after using crutches for so long, proudly flexed his muscles as he propelled himself out the door in his new wheelchair.

“Thank you from me and my family,” Lebohang enthused. “Keep it up and please do not end with us. Help many others!”

Together, with your ongoing prayers and support, we can continue to do just that—to “help many others” like Lebohang.