Meet Jennifer, the fourth of five children in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Her mother shared Jennifer’s story with us:

“Jennifer was born premature and had severe cerebral palsy. She had facial paralysis and club feet, and could never walk nor crawl.”

“Before the wheelchair you gave her, she was carried all the time. That was very hard for me. I had to carry to school every day—bathe her, dress her, feed her, and take her to the bathroom. But she can speak and learn, you know? She is a very good student, and she is learning how to read!

“The wheelchair has changed her life—and mine, too!”

“We are most thankful. Jennifer is very happy! You cannot see her smile in the photo because she has very little facial expression due to her facial paralysis, but she is happy! Her feet are much better and she enjoys going out in her wheelchair. Thank you very much!”