Nelson is a 48-year-old father who has lived with a disability since the age of four, when his legs were crushed in an automobile accident.

He lives in the countryside with his three teenage children, supporting them by operating a simple barber shop out of his home. “(Schoolchildren) cannot go to school with long hair,” said Nelson, explaining how this rule helps ensure a steady but modest income.

His earnings, however, were still not enough for him to buy a new wheelchair.

Thanks to you, Nelson received a new GEN_2 wheelchair through our local distribution partner, The Luke Commission, which holds mobile hospital outreaches throughout rural eSwatini, the African nation formerly known as Swaziland.

Nelson has since become an expert on wheelchair care and maintenance. When he isn’t busy working, Nelson helps other people with their mobility-aid-related issues.

“We have to stick together, those of us who live with disability,” he reflected, gazing off for a moment. “I want to help them.”

Rural eSwatini is home to over 75% of the population. (PC: The Luke Commission)

When you empower someone like Nelson with the gift of mobility, you equip them to empower others.

Your impact can ripple through an entire community.

The Luke Commission estimates that every wheelchair you give can potentially affect up to 600 people in rural eSwatini.

A gift of $80 is all it takes. Would you consider lifting a life today?