Ciene is a 27-year-old indigenous woman who lives in a remote village in Brazil.

She was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 18. Her medication wasn’t effective, and complications from a foot injury led to gangrene that nearly killed her.

Her parents refused to allow the amputation of her foot until a tribal leader finally convinced them that the procedure would be necessary to save her life.

After her left leg was amputated below the knee, Ciene would spend most of her time indoors, confined to a dark room, needing assistance if she wanted to go anywhere. She felt her hopes for the future ebbing away.

A map of Brazil and a photo of a young woman in a wheelchair.

Along with a team from our local distribution partner, the Rotary Club Maringá—Parque do Ingá, I embarked on an expedition to deliver wheelchairs to indigenous villages in Brazil, including Ciene’s.

Her countenance lit up as we lifted her into a brand-new GEN_2 wheelchair and made adjustments for a proper fit. “I will use my new wheelchair to go to church, school, and to visit friends,” gleamed Ciene, who is studying Brazilian sign language. “I can’t lose hope.”

The generosity of supporters like you is renewing hope for individuals like Ciene, all over the world.