Irine, a 7-year-old girl who was born with spina bifida, recently received her first wheelchair from Tenwek Hospital, one of our distribution partners in Kenya.

“She asked me to send you all a big thank-you,” relayed Solomon (below; left), the physical therapist overseeing the wheelchair program at Tenwek. “She is now ready to go to school and church, and participate in community activities.”

He continued, “Joy comes when I see young Kenyans smiling and thankful for the gift they have received. Thank you, Free Wheelchair Mission team.”

To date, you’ve helped distribute more than 10,000 wheelchairs to the people of Kenya—and more than 1.1 million wheelchairs to people in 93 countries.

Thank you for being part of this team. Only together can we achieve our goal of empowering another million lives by 2025.