Javier lives in Honduras and received a GEN_2 wheelchair in April of this year. Javier worked for a large cruise ship years ago, but he developed diabetes and had to stop working because of severe hypertension. He eventually had to have his right leg amputated.

With no way to earn money and support his family, Javier had what he described as “a few very dark years.” Sadly, during this time, Javier felt worthless. His home began to feel more and more like a prison.

When our local distribution partner heard of Javier’s condition, they delivered a GEN_2  wheelchair so he could get out of his home and be social again. Javier now uses his wheelchair to visit the doctor every few weeks for treatments, to visit his neighbors, and to even attend local soccer matches.

But, Javier’s wheelchair has allowed him to do so much more.

Soon after Javier received his wheelchair, he also received a sewing machine. Now, Javier has become the town tailor, working on everything from clothing to drapes!

Javier not only feels valuable again, but he loves that he is able to provide a service to others.

Because of your generous support, Free Wheelchair Mission was able to provide Javier with the gift of mobility, productivity, and purpose. With deep gratitude and a huge smile Javier said, “This wheelchair is the greatest gift I have ever received!”


Don Schoendorfer